An open letter to Anglicans in Newfoundland and Labrador

For many years the Anglican Church of Canada, in the name of inclusivity, has been moving further and further away from the commonly held teachings of the Bible. While there are many people who affirm these changes, there are many people who do not. Though there are calls to remain together, it seems to us that orthodoxy and heterodoxy, or right belief and wrong belief, cannot stand together. It makes no sense that what one cleric says is ‘sinful’, another says is ‘holy’.

We are writing so that those of you who are struggling with your place in the Anglican Church of Canada will know that there is an Anglican alternative. The Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC) is a Diocese of the Anglican Church in North America. It is recognized by the vast majority of the Anglican Communion as a faithful, biblical, orthodox expression of Anglicanism in North America.

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An Open Letter to Anglicans in Newfoundland and Labrador